Rethinking legal research.

LEXCADA is an open access platform. It is a law book, a legal commentary, a research tool and a professional legal network in one platform.
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The smart
law book.
LEXCADA brings the advantages of traditional law books into the digital realm and makes the law interactive, always up to date and enables a collaborative exchange of knowledge.

Always up to date

All laws are updated daily and users are instantly informed about changes.

See the big picture

The familiar book view makes the digital law just as easily readable as a printed law book.

Intelligent annotations

LEXCADA allows the same annotation variants known from printed law books and automatically updates them when the law changes.
Share knowledge
directly within the law.
Annotations and documents can either be private or shared within an organization or even publicly via open access.

Easy exchange

The commenting function allows users to submit specific questions and answers right within the law text.

Familiar structure

By linking knowledge directly to the familiar structure of the law text it becomes easily and quickly accessible
Legal knowledge for all.
The vision behind LEXCADA Open Access is to make legal content quickly and easily accessible to all.

Freely accessible

As an open-access platform, LEXCADA makes knowledge freely available to everyone.

Free reusability

The use of the open CC BY-SA 4.0 license for user-generated content ensures that it will remain freely usable forever

Easy and free access to the law should be possible for everyone. I am pleased that the open access concept is also becoming more widespread in Germany with LEXCADA.

Daniel Brugger
Gerichtsschreiber at the Swiss Federal Supreme Court and founder of
Advantages for authors

With LEXCADA Open Access, we offer an innovative and free platform for publishing legal content.

Shortened publication cycles

In an uncomplicated and efficient peer review process, articles can be published much faster than in traditional publishing.

Current topics

Immediate availability of laws, regulations and directives at federal and EU level.


The use of the open CC BY-SA 4.0 license for user-generated content ensures that it will remain freely usable forever.

Worldwide visibility

LEXCADA can be used internationally, creating a worldwide audience.

Higher diversity

In addition to established legal scholars, young scholars also have the opportunity to publish their content.
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